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12 Outstanding DIY Planter Box Plans, Designs and Ideas

When you want to add decorative plants to your household, planter boxes could be used effectively for that purpose. Making a box from your own design is always better than buying one from the shop. The following are some planter box plans and ideas to encourage you to do so.

      1-A simple Window Planter Boxes for Your Verandah

If you have a verandah, you could create a beautiful diy planter box with planks of wood. You only need a few planks of wood, a few bolts and some paint as materials. Basic wood working tools are also required. While it is 4’ long width is just 8.5”. Cost incurred to make it is minimal. Get the details here

Window Planter Boxes

      2-A Planter Box to Fit Your Deck

In order to bring about a lively look to your deck, you could create a large diy planter box that is 8’ long. You need a few pieces of lumber, a few pieces of board and a few nails. A hand saw and a hammer are the tools you need. Buying these won’t cost you a lot but when finished your planter box will be a beauty. Planter box Plan

Planter Box to Fit Your Deck

      3-Raised Planter for the Patio

Creating a raised planter for the patio needs middle level of skills on handling wood working tools. There are six legs in this and the length could be determined according to your requirements. The boards should match the size your planter in length. Major part of the expenditure will be on the wood. This is one of the best raised planter box plans for any home. Such raised planter boxes are also cheap to build. Planter box plan

Raised Planter for the Patio

      4-Salad Box for a Small Space

In order to make a 3’ long planter box for salad leaves, you only need three of 8 foot 1X4 surfaced pieces of redwood. A circular saw, a tape measure and an electric drill are the tools required. In order to put the pieces together you may need some bolts. When finished, it will become one of the best wooden planter boxes. Get the detail here

Salad Box for a Small Space

      5-Planter Box for Vegetable Gardening

This waist high box is a large one that measures 72”X21¾”X11¾” is able to give you independence on vegetables. It is left on a pine frame and the box is made out of cedar wood. When you have a couple of these garden planter boxes your requirement of vegetables could be grown at home. Therefore, money spent on vegetable planter boxes will not go waste. Detail plan

Planter Box for Vegetable Gardening

      6-A Simple Wooden Planter Box

If you have no skills on carpentry and if you want to learn how to build a planter box, this is the plan for you. The only requirements are the four uprights of 430mmX45mmX45mm and the four horizontal rails of 290mmX45mmX45mm in size. You also need some tongue and glue boarding. This planter box is good to be given as a gift as well. Box plan

Wooden Planter Box

      7-DIY Planter Boxes

When your need is building a planter box to be left at the front porch of your home, you only need a few pieces of board and a few pieces of lumber. As for the tools, you will need a drill and a circular saw. When completed, leaving two of them at the entrance will add good looks to your home.  Get the instructions here

DIY Planter Boxes

      8-Star Planter Box design

In order to make a star planter you never need to buy a lot of materials. Instead, you could use some of the boards from your old furniture that are otherwise going waste. As for the tools, you only need some of the basic carpentry tools. This small wood planter box is a good DIY job to try. See the detail here

Star Planter Box design

      9-Custom Flower Planter for Bougainvillea

These flower planter boxes suitable for growing bougainvillea could be either 4’ or 8’ long. The height is 20 inches. You only need a few 2x4s and 10” pieces of pine board. You could make it with the help of basic carpentry tools. It is good for your backyard. In case you want to know how to make a planter box making this is a good exercise.  Planter Box plan

Custom Flower Planter for Bougainvillea      10-Multi Level Raised Planter Box

This beautiful planter that enables you to transfer your plants to shade when necessary is easy to build. Materials could be bought from your local gardening store. The cost also is minimal. Since you buy your pieces of wood, it is a case of assembly only. This is a good substitute for raised garden bedsGet the detail here

Multi Level Raised Planter Box

      11-A Low Cost Cedar Planter

With minimal requirements of wood this beautiful cedar planter could be created at a cost of less than $20. Except for the drill and the circular saw you also need only the basic carpentry tools. It is of square shape and a side is 20” long. Fit for outdoor use. Planter box plan

A Low Cost Cedar Planter

      12-Easy to Build Planter

This planter is beautiful but you only need very simple materials to put it together. Being best suited for outdoor plants it doesn’t cost a lot either. If you have basic skills on carpentry you could make it. Get the detail here

Easy to Build Planter

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